Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting Your Intuition

According to Merriam Webster, Intuition defines as:
1. : quick and ready insight

2. a: immediate apprehension or cognition
b: knowledge or conviction gained by intuition
c: the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

At some point, most of us have realized that we have strong intuition. It is that subtle nudge or inner voice giving you a warning. It is that overwhelming feeling of dread when you just “feel” that something isn’t right. It is the warm loving feeling you have when you meet a new person and just “know” you have found a wonderful friend ... whatever the message, know you are always being guided. Trust it.

I remember from the very beginning of my early childhood I had the gift of an intense and clear intuition. My near death experience (see bio) was the onset of my faith and gave me the proof that we are ALL guided from the very beginning. As we all know that is not the first thing a child wants to think about, we wanted to play and eat all the yummy foods as kids (and still do as adults haha!) So naturally, I would shut these visions, premonitions and signs out as I just wanted to have in all respect that sort of ignorance is bliss mindset. I must admit, this wasn’t the wisest choice. Your intuition is given to you divinely and for a specific reason. Your team (consisting of Angels, Spiritual Guides, Teachers) are connecting with you and guiding you along your journey. If you’re asking yourself if you have a “team” the answer is: YES!

Think back to a time where you said to yourself: “Oh, I knew I should’ve listened to myself” or “I knew that was going to happen”. Even better is when you subconsciously follow your inner guidance and then realize why you did and what could of happened if you had not. Those are my favorite!

So… How can you listen to your intuition? Begin with these 3 first steps:

1. Get really quiet (wherever you are) become comfortable and allow your body to relax

2. ASK THE QUESTION… ask your higher power and guides to come in to give guidance, you will hear the initial answer from within. You can also ask for signs! (This may be elaborated in a future post)

3. Take the first answer and begin to check on how it resonates with you.. it has been said your first take on something is usually what is truth.. the moment you begin to overanalyze and overthink… you have diluted the message.

Try to remember that when we are given these gifts they are only for our highest good. Your team wants you to succeed and experience the very best here. You do not need to suffer through anything nor do you need to be punished if you didn’t listen to your intuition. It is all a learning experience and the gift of a new morning when you awake is the opportunity to start again. It all begins with awareness and mindfulness. You are so loved and cherished by God (or your higher power) and your Angels. They are here to guide you and experience this life with you.

Trust your intuition and your purpose. After all, it is solely created and designed just for you. No one else. So on that note, go easy on yourself stay on your path and always know the answers you are seeking are within you.

Sooo…. How do you define intuition? Ask yourself the question without judgement or confusion. The truth will always feel like “home”…

Stay Blessed.

With All My Love,