KALIRISA GROUP™ Officially Launched!

KALIRISA GROUP™ Officially Launched!

It is finally here! The release of KALIRISA GROUP™ 

YAY! Hello and welcome! I am so excited to share this with you, a part of my heart and soul...  KALIRISA GROUP™ has been a dream of mine for many years. I created the name KALIRISA GROUP™  authentically and Divinely, symbolizing a three part meaning sacred to the mission and brand.... here is some background on the name:

What does KALIRISA ™ mean?
The KALIRISA ™ name and entire brand was authentically and divinely created by Parisa Moayedi with a three part meaning sacred to the mission and vision. After many years of contemplating on starting her own business, Parisa was finally ready, but first what about the name?! After many nights of brainstorming and bouncing off ideas with close confidants - it finally happened: KALIRISA GROUP ™ was born. "KALI" is the hindu goddess, whom signifies being the destroyer of all evil, it is also an homage to California (Cali) where Parisa has spent time living and studying with master teachers throughout her journey of self discovery and healing. Lastly, "RISA" is the last part of PARISA's name - and there you have it! The logo created by Parisa is based on sacred geometry, symbolizing the infinite divine patterns of life. 

Initially, I wasn't sure how to quite put it all together or what direction it was going to take... Until i mastered these three lessons... so, Let's get right into it... 

The Groundwork, Three lessons mastered:

  1. When you achieve your dreams, other people are inspired to go after their own dreams.

  2. There is enough room for everyone to grow and win.

  3. Gain clarity & remember who you are

I decided to bring my passion of designing (creation) and my love of helping others (healing) together under one roof - KALIRISA GROUP™. it's a leap of faith, and As we all know taking a leap of faith is a lot easier said than done and we sometimes get lost in the fear of not being perfect or good enough. however, let me begin by breaking a myth for you - FEAR and love do not co-exist nor do they play well together! love conquers all. for the longest time i was scared and couldn't figure out if my dreams were just fantasies or something i should really chase. I was blocked and could not tell the difference... until i learned how to let go of what did not serve me in my highest and holiest good. So I began to open my heart even more and allowed myself to be inspired without feelings of judgement, criticism or rejection. (the three things we mostly all feel and what our ego and fear gives into) I finally allowed myself to follow my heart and suddenly began to realize i was inspiring others to follow their own dreams as well, regardless of their dharma. i have always been taught that if you have a dream or many dreams, they have been placed in your heart for a reason...  i was also faced with some hard questions, my favorite: "what is holding you back?" i quickly realized that i had every right to really and i mean Really go after what i always wanted and so can you - as there are infinite blessings and Possibilities for all - it is your birthright and never forget that. Lastly, I gained clarity and remembered my souls desire and dream. time after time we lose track of all that we have accomplished, experienced and even survived, but always know that you always find your way back to your purpose. hold on to your faith and guard your heart. authenticity comes naturally when we operate through our heart (chakra) and always know that the universe is here to serve you! Ask for what you want... 

That being said, I look forward to working with you soon! Stay tuned for more Blog posts & Upcoming courses... 

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
— Paulo Coelho

With all my love, 
Parisa Moayedi