“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

— Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Well hello there! :) Crazy and wild to think that it has been exactly one year since I launched and unveiled my spiritual practice. I have been so blessed in my journey thus far and this is just the beginning. I took a leap of faith and just like the late great Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated - basically all I could do was take the first step… in faith. God is so good. So that is exactly what I did and continue to do. Without surprise, I have been questioned, judged and criticized for it - it has only blessed me more. Time has flown by so swiftly and at times has been forgiving with giving me the patience I have needed, as well to develop into who I need to become to fulfill my purpose here. I have learned so much during this process about vulnerability and inner peace, I fall to my knees with gratitude with these lessons. But still something did not feel quite right…. I wasn’t being as forth coming and needed to reveal more…. sooooo… I did something about it! I decided to change the name of my practice to something that I felt was more fitting and aligned with who I was and what my brand represents. So KALIRISA GROUP™ is now KALIRISA DIVINE CHAPTERS™…. so why the name change? To simply put it in words - the “GROUP” part of my practice never really resonated with me fully or represented how my soul sees your soul…. let me explain a bit more….

::: THE MOVE :::
When I moved to SoCal recently, I began a new chapter of my life. Creating new chapters is scary as hell and exciting all at the same time. To be quite candid - it brought up every fear, insecurity and doubt I have ever had about moving back “home”. Until I was slapped in the face with raw truth of facing every bit of fear I had and dealing with it. New chapters in life are often painful yet rewarding - the choice is yours. One thing I have never excelled in is to go with the crowd or ignore my purpose. I knew the move would bring up many new opportunities of growth, not only on a personal spiritual level, but also a new way of working with helping and empowering women. Why Cali?? My heart is here and so is my legacy. Enough said.

Each soul I have been blessed to work with has always taught me so much, more than I could ever learn in a book or class. I view each soul as a divine being with sacred chapters within them. It is through witnessing these divine chapters in people’s lives I have been able to grow, stay humble and develop a deeper connection with Spirit more than ever before. This has given me the ultimate gift of facilitating healing and being healed myself in so many ways. It is something that I never take for granted and I am continuously learning as I am always a student. This all has come together like a beautiful puzzle piece by piece, since I have moved to SoCal.

I am a divine channel, intuitive and empath. I have been blessed to primarily work with empathic women who are ready to take on the next level of their journey and remove the blocks that are no longer serving them. My mission is to help you gain clarity towards your souls purpose and showing you how to heal from the adversities in your life and prepare you for what is to come. I teach you key methods on coming back to center and standing in your power. Showing you how to discern between what the soul needs to heal and what the ego wants you to think. Interested in a session or have questions? email me: kalirisadivinechapters@gmail.com

::: WHAT IS NEXT :::
I am working on an in person workshop here in SoCal - more on that when the time is right. If you have suggestions, interested in joining or ideas, let me know and email me at: kalirisadivinechapters@gmail.com

Don’t panic! What you give power to grows and overpowers you! Yes, we have gone into retrograde today as you read this until the end of the month of July. What does this mean for you? Dealing with your issues you have swept under the rug may not be the worst thing you can do. You have the power to turn anything around to serve you in your highest and holiest good, rather than consume you. Be aware of the signs coming up - understand YOU are the CO-CREATOR of your STORY and you are golden my friend. Detox your mind, body and soul. This is a perfect time to recharge and rearrange what you feel needs shifting.

I will leave you with this - what you give back you get back. The universe is always listening to your INSTRUCTIONS (I cannot stress this enough). If you want to begin again - Speak it into existence. Breathe it. Live it. Be it. You emanate exactly what you are ready for and are asking for. It has been an honor sharing space with you.

Stay Blessed in all that you are.
This is Chapter 1 of our DIVINE CHAPTERS.

With All My Love,

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I would be honored to work with you!