KALIRISA DIVINE CHAPTERS™ | Chapter 2 : Vulnerability

KALIRISA DIVINE CHAPTERS™ | Chapter 2 : Vulnerability

We don’t have to do all of it alone.
We were never meant to.
— Brené Brown

First thing’s first… let’s look at the definition for this interesting word:

vul·ner·a·ble | \ ˈvəl-n(ə-)rə-bəl , ˈvəl-nər-bəl\

Definition of vulnerable

1: capable of being physically or emotionally wounded

2: open to attack or damage : ASSAILABLEvulnerable to criticism

3: liable to increased penalties but entitled to increased bonuses after winning a game in contract bridge

English Language Learners Definition of vulnerable
: easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally
: open to attack, harm, or damage

The History of Vulnerable
 is ultimately derived from the Latin noun vulnus ("wound"). "Vulnus" led to the Latin verb vulnerare, meaning "to wound," and then to the Late Latin adjective vulnerabilis, which became "vulnerable" in English in the early 1600s. "Vulnerable" originally meant "capable of being physically wounded" or "having the power to wound" (the latter is now obsolete), but since the late 1600s, it has also been used figuratively to suggest a defenselessness against non-physical attacks. In other words, someone (or something) can be vulnerable to criticism or failure as well as to literal wounding. When it is used figuratively, "vulnerable" is often followed by the preposition "to."

source: Merriam-Webster

If you skimmed quickly through the definition I encourage you to go back and thoroughly read it once more. If you have already done so then we can proceed…

Ok - wow o wow! I am fascinated by the deep rooted definition dated all the way back to the 1600s - with descriptions like “wounded”, “capable of being physically wounded” “vulnerable to criticism or failure as well as to literal wounding” … well SH!T! No wonder we are all scared of being VULNERABLE! We need a positive spin on this word and stop feeling ashamed when we practice being vulnerable throughout our journey. Because this part of you is one of the most innocent and beautiful parts - the most raw and genuine. It is what aids you in being powerful and knowing yourself on a deeper level.

So what if I told you, being vulnerable is an action you can take that can result in owning who you are - giving compassion back to your soul and open to receiving…. what if I showed you how to do this? Would you unlearn this “stigma” of a definition and walk in your power? Could you release this FEAR BASED feeling of not letting people see you and the possibility of experiencing rejection? It is time to change the narrative. It is time to take your POWER back. You can ask for help and not look weak. People do it all the time! You can help one another and rise together as a collective - there is enough for everyone. Spirit does not exist in lack - the universe provides infinite possibilities and blessings.

Take a deep breath ::::: Count to 5 ::::: Let’s Begin :::::

Here is what we will cover:


2:: Strength

3:: Surrender

  1. So at some points in life we may all have felt like we needed to be “more than” or “better than” we have to show power and/or dominance - we can not by any means hands down, come hell or high water at all look: “Vulnerable” because the dogmatic patterns show that if we do - then we are powerless. HAHA! Let’s stop there and rethink this ladies… Let us take it back … waaaaaayyyy back to source - back to the reason why we are here on earth at this time in this way - we are here to experience togetherness, seek out help, show our vulnerable side, it is what makes us HUMBLE not too mention HUMAN. It is what keeps us GROUNDED and ROOTED. What if your heart can stay gentle and still have a strong purpose and presence? What if you can remain true to your essence, but still be ok with showing a softer side of your soul and stand up for who you are: every part of who you are. Because my beautiful lady, that is what makes you, YOU. Never hide that - never mask your truth.

  2. Strength in numbers, LADIES!!! First thing is first though… look at your circle and ask yourself if you are being supported when you are experiencing vulnerability. If you are afraid that your fellow gal pals will think you are weak by your VULNERABILITY - I have some hard truth to share with you - they probably do. But you know what? Those are not your people. Ask yourself who you want on your team - your inner circle should consist of RESPECTFUL, FUN and COMPASSIONATE friends. If you feel shame by being yourself then you are being shamed by people who are not going to be able to see you for who you are. Not bad people - just not your people. Your vibe will attract your tribe. If your strength in showing people who you are irritates them - most likely they are not ready to accept that within you, because they have not been able to accept that part within themselves. We all have something to share in this world and light to shine. Remember why you are here and remember who F@%!& you are! Find your strength within yourself first, then CHOOSE who you share it with. You are here to SHARE and LOVE. And FYI - FORGIVE. ;) It all starts within.

  3. Ok… so you know what #3 is! SURRENDER! Surrender to all of the what if’s, outcomes and unknowns. The moment we surrender to the “dream” that we have created within our minds on how our story was supposed to go is the very moment we are FREE to create. Read that again. We are to be VULNERABLE to the beauty of creation. We are here to be free of the fear of what others think and create - we need to surrender if we want to create without limitations. Surrender to what your heart is telling you to do - be aware of what your body will manifest once you feel this freedom. The results are truly beautiful. Pay close attention to the heart chakra and solar plexus in this case.

It has been an honor sharing this chapter on Vulnerability with you, this month of August. Remember as always - trust your intuition and allow yourself to be guided with the prime question: “Does this support the life I am creating for my highest and holiest good?”

Stay Blessed in all that you are.
This is Chapter 2 of our DIVINE CHAPTERS.

With All My Love,

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